K-12 Teacher of the Year Award

The MIWLA Teacher of the Year Awards honor the accomplishments of exemplary K-12 world language teachers. Each year, one elementary, one middle school, and one high school teacher may be recognized with this award, which each includes a stipend of $250. Teacher of the Year winners are recognized at the annual MIWLA conference.

Teachers of the Year are expected to attend JNCL-NCLS Virtual Language Advocacy Days, with funding from MIWLA, and other advocacy-related events at the request of the MIWLA Board. The deadline for nominations is June 30.

Congratulations to our 2023 Teachers of the Year!

Jason Paetz

MIWLA High School Teacher of the Year

Frankenmuth High School

Jen Shaw

MIWLA Middle Teacher of the Year

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Past Recipients of the MIWLA Teacher of the Year Award

2023 Jennifer Shaw (Middle School) 2007 Laura Nork

2023 Jason Paetz (High School) 2005 Nancy Clase

2022 Kimberly Floyd 2005 Maeve Erbecker

2021 Susan Buffa (Elementary School) 2003 Mercia Foster

2021 Kristy Placido (High School School) 2003 Mary Webster

2020 Ericka Peplinksi-Burge 2002 William J. Nichols

2019 Janel Pettes Guikema 2002 Cathy Ferguson

2017 Jennifer McCollum 2000 Louise Jefferson

2016 Sara Blossom Bostwick (High School) 2000 Lori Kontry

2016 Melissa Dalton (Middle School) 2000 Julie Semivan

2015 Jennifer Carter 2000 Andree Burney

2014 Erin DeWind 1999 Nancy Conn

2013 Bernadette Billock 1999 Karen Mayer

2011 Karen Motz 1998 Mijo Pappas-Delachaume

2009 Victoria Potter 1998 Jean L. Radin

2008 Suzie Martin 1997 Gail McDonald